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Australia |  A marine park on the scale of Spain

Australia | A marine park on the scale of Spain

(SYDNEY) Australia plans to build a marine park the size of Spain around remote islands off its southeast coast, the government announced Sunday.

The project aims to triple the size of the Macquarie Island Marine Park, bringing the total area of ​​the protected area to 475,465 square kilometres.

Australian Environment Minister Tanya Pliberchek says the conservation measures will “completely close all fishing, mining and other extractive activities”.

Existing fisheries targeting the Patagonian toothfish (a carnivorous fish) may continue.

Macquarie Island is located between Australia and Antarctica and is home to king penguins, fur seals and the Subantarctic Science Centre.

“Macquarie Island is an exceptional place. It is a wonderland for flora and fauna, an essential breeding ground for millions of seabirds, seals and penguins,” said Liberec.

Environmental groups support the initiative, fearing the area could become a target for seabed mining and sustainable commercial fishing.

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