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Tensions in Asia: Beijing threatens Australia and Canada with "serious consequences" after China Sea incident

Tensions in Asia: Beijing threatens Australia and Canada with “serious consequences” after China Sea incident

Despite the opinion of the Permanent Arbitration Court, the strategic role of the South China Sea is not neutral. [CPA] The Hague, in July 2016, considered there was no “legal basis” for his claims.

Incidents are on the rise in the South China Sea, the site said On June 5, the new Australian Secretary of Defense, Richard Marles has accused the Chinese J-16 fighter jet of endangering the crew of a P-8A maritime patrol aircraft. The Royal Australian Air Force Poseidon flew over the South China Sea in international airspace.

Following this “Caught”However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned Canberra. “We urge Australia to respect China’s national security interests and key concerns and to be careful in its words and actions to avoid miscalculations that could have serious consequences.” And the People’s Liberation Army must always ensure that its operations are carried out “Safe and professional“. However, this is the second incident involving Chinese and Australian forces since the beginning of this year.

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Canada is also in Beijing’s view. Last week, Ottawa accused the Chinese military of repeatedly harassing a naval patrol aircraft. The Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft is involved in the work carried out within the framework of the UNSC ECC (United Nations Security Council Enforcement Coordination Division, Editor’s Note), a structure set up by the United Nations to provide information on potential violations. International sanctions have been imposed. North Korea for its nuclear program and development of ballistic missiles. “China’s actions are irresponsible and provocative, and we continue to insist that they endanger the people by failing to respect UN decisions.Then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted during a press conference on June 6.

A Chinese FM spokesman lashed out at the United States on Monday, saying that the United States was engaged in “coercive diplomacy” and that China was ready to work with all countries to uphold justice against all forms of coercion around the world.

– China Xinhua News (XHNews) June 6, 2022

In response to this warning, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian assured China.Took immediate, reasonable, powerful and professional action in response to Canada’s hostile and unprofessional provocations and actions.. And add it “Canada must take responsibility for all the serious consequences of its dangerous and provocative actions.”.

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