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Former Foreign Minister Denis McShane has observed Brexit

Former Foreign Minister Denis McShane has observed Brexit


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Former Foreign Minister Denise McShane presents her research on the effects of Brexit and Boris Johnson’s policies on the United Kingdom in the Tony Blair government, which was invited to FranceInfo on Thursday, June 23 at 11pm.

Six years ago, The UK Declared support for leaving the European Union. Former Foreign Minister Denise McShane, in the Tony Blair government, is in Dupleix on Thursday, June 23, at 23 hours on FranceInfo. Explains “The country is getting poorer, GDP is declining”. He is having trouble “To get only one positive benefit from this decision”.

One of the issues that prompted the UK to leave the EU was the issue of immigration. In this regard, Boris Johnson recently backed the agreement on the deportation of migrants made with Kigali (Rwanda). “For Boris Johnson, like President Trump, he wants to stimulate interest in immigration. Like Marine Le Pen, he thinks he’s going to win the house. He’s going to win the election tonight. What’s that, not the general election?Denise McShane analyzes.

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