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RN reacts to the right to abortion, which means "instrumentalized"

RN reacts to the right to abortion, which means “instrumentalized”


RN executives Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen in Reims in February.

Politics – Since this Friday, June 24, the entire French political class has condemned the abolition of the right to abortion. U.S. Supreme Court Declares its concern in the face of such setbacks. All? No, there is a party that has been very sensible for a long time: The National Rally.

In this case it took more than 24 hours for a party executive to head the party. Jordan BardellaEnsures that “no serious political movement in France calls into question the Weil Act, which must be protected.” According to the MEP, “the government is using what comes under US domestic policy to create a diversion.” Purchasing power Or immigration.

Hours before that, the majority of leftists declared that they wanted asylum Access to abortion in the Constitution. Many Republican figures have called for “the protection of this fundamental right.”

For example, this is the case with Eric Ciotti, a deputy executive of the Alps Maritimes. Valerie Begress It is angered by the “setback of freedom of worry and shock”. Also on the right, MP Emmanuelle Ménard reacted by pointing to the attack on “the freedom of all American women, regardless of their beliefs.”

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Embarrassment in RN?

One of the few selected RNs who spoke directly or indirectly on the matter was (new) Vice President Philip Ballard, who was called to franceinfo this Saturday morning. When asked about the Supreme Court’s historic ruling, a spokesman for the far-right party declined to comment on US policy.

“I am a French parliamentarian, I am a spokesman for a French political party, we are sovereign, we are not going to interfere in the affairs of others,” he replied. You can find it below (from 1′50).

The little pyro who testified to the embarrassment of the national rally? It is clear that the leaders of the Lebanese party were not ashamed to comment on the national American news at that time Joe Biden’s election was questioned against Donald TrumpPossessor Made this spectacular decline possible About abortion in the United States.

It is really difficult to condemn the consequences of a policy and the choices made by a man as a role model or source of inspiration. Thus, rather than contemplating the virtues of his political creation towards the American millionaire when he was in power, Philip Ballard immediately returned to the “clear” position protected by Marine Le Pen on abortion: the current situation.

“Veil law, we will not touch it,” he had already begun, before confirming that “this is the position of the party”, the journalist who was on the set asked him to confirm whether he was talking about approval for abortion “whatever happens”. . But this position, protected by the boss of the National Rally from the 2017 campaign, has not always been so clear.

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Le Pen’s confusions

In contrast, FN (now RN) has long been active against abortion under Jean-Marie Le Pen. Marine Le Pen stood apart from her father’s hard line in advocating for the abolition of pro – abortion laws in 2002, but the runner – up in the last two presidential elections took a largely ambiguous position.

In 2012, during the presidential campaign, for example, he used the term “comfort abortion” to target “women who have had two, three, or four abortions.” This raises the fear of a restriction on repayment. “Three or four consecutive abortions should not weigh on the national community financially, at a time when one in three French people is not being treated properly,” he says during a conference organized by the press. She In the course of science, You can see below (from 14).

Since then, Marine Le Pen, eager to “normalize” her image, has set aside this vocabulary … despite being attacked by her daughter-in-law Marion Marச்சch in 2017, she has been in favor of abandoning “full and unlimited repayment for abortion”. Former RN executive, now on Reconquest, undergoes a drastic redesign of public outreach.

“Everyone can review their positions”, Philippe Ballard considers today to justify RN’s employer’s foot change in ten years. But how far? The National Rally, which has been sidelined from media debates since the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling, must come out of the woods and decide on the ambition of the Nupes and the elected representatives of the majority. And their votes will be examined.

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