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symbolic dinner |  Quebec Magazine

symbolic dinner | Quebec Magazine

The Canadian Rookie Dinner couldn’t have come at a better time and it was definitely a great night in Vancouver. For me, it is somewhat of a symbol of the transfer of power to the new generation.

Due to COVID-19, everyone has been expecting this traditional evening for over two years, which ends with a good bill for the hopefuls. Looking at the team’s recent successes, I imagine it’s been a lot of fun.

I grinned from ear to ear as I looked at the picture of the seven recruits dressed as frogs. It’s fresh, however, and I’ve seen all the colors in my 15 seasons career in the National League.

This dinner is always a precious moment: One of the first things veterans do when unearthing the calendar is to look at the dates and where the annual ritual might take place. It’s hard to ask for a better space than three days in a beautiful city like Vancouver when the team is on point!

I don’t know how much the bill was, but the veterans had to pay the bills at the expense of the “new” seven, Kayden Primo, Jake Evans, Kaley Clagg, Cole Caufield, Corey Scheuenemann, Michael Pezzetta and Alexander Romanoff.

In my first year, dinner was in Phoenix and cost me $4,500. We were four recruits and I had a good idea to increase the maximum amount of my credit card before leaving. I told the other three guys I’d pay with my card and they just write me a check to make up for it.

If I remember correctly, it was Eric Hody, Aaron Asham and Alan Nasreddin. She accumulated so many reward points that night that she paid for a business class flight.

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Veterans usually aren’t shy about each other, except in the case of a youngster who is only there for a few matches. You don’t want someone called “American League” to end up with a $5,000 bill.

Good Louis XIII cognac

Veterans usually put a stop to it, but that didn’t stop Turner Stephenson from ordering Louis XIII cognac at $4,000 a bottle. The crystal bottle alone is worth nearly $600, and Stevenson wanted to take at least one home with him.

It remains a very enjoyable evening that has a knack for bringing young veterans closer. After that, you really feel part of the team.

Men like Coffield, Romanov, and Evans should feel more integrated today. It should be a little different for Premio, Peseta and Scheunemann, who are yet to become full-time players.

Driving change

All to say we’re seeing profound changes in the Canadian and that we’ll know more by March 22nd, but it’s clear that Suzuki and Caufield, in particular, are part of CH’s new identity; I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzuki becomes the next captain.

With that said, the consequences are always tough, and coaches apply more to getting the “bad guy” out during training than to creating new strategies to get out of the zone. The guys should be ready for the Canucks.

There was no pandemic in my time, but it did when the coach (Michel Terrain, I think) asked that the starter dinner be cancelled. We were at the height of the playoffs and had the event after the season.

– Comments collected by Jill Moffett


Too bad for Hammond

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What a tough season for Canadian goalkeepers! Everything was going well for Andrew Hammond, taking three wins in three games, and now he’s down in the fight. I hope his absence won’t be long. This is another challenge for Samuel Montemboldt. He’s shown great things, but he still has to add consistency to his game. As for Kayden Primo, he might have another chance to play, but the plan to have him play a lot in the MLS is still on. settlement.

The ‘acting’ category will be removed.

The Canadians have already racked up three wins in four games in their journey, as well as coming back from a four-goal deficit in Winnipeg in an 8-4 loss. It’s a completely transformed team, and I really admire the work of Martin St. Louis. His title as temporary coach will almost certainly be replaced by a permanent title. I think we have a new coach from Quebec who will have a long career in the NHL. Relaunching a team is one thing. Reviving veterans is another thing, but reviving a newbie like Cole Caufield overnight is incredible. Unfortunately, that makes Dominique Ducharme’s look less good, but I still think he’s a good coach. He was the victim of exceptional circumstances.

goal problems

I wouldn’t rest assured if you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Auston Matthews may score a lot, but the Leafs are not going anywhere in the playoffs if Jack Campbell doesn’t find his way into the net. It goes from bad to worse for him. He’s allowed 20 goals in his last four games and his words haven’t been reassuring either. Mike Smith is struggling in Edmonton, but at least Mikko Koskinen has been holding out for a while. It would be a disaster if the Oilers team missed the playoffs. It’s hard to believe this is season three with the Smith-Koskinen duo.