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Strong academic cooperation celebrated in Washington

Strong academic cooperation celebrated in Washington

Solid cooperation in education and cultural exchanges, one of the strongest links of the strategic partnership between Morocco and the United States, was celebrated on Thursday at the Moroccan Embassy in Washington with a tribute to the academic talent of Moroccan and American laureates. of the Fulbright Morocco 2024 program.

In front of about sixty allies and officials from the Department of State and Moroccan-American Educational and Cultural Exchanges (MACECE), King's Ambassador to the United States Youssef Amrani highlighted the importance of educational and cultural exchanges. According to him, the relationship between the two countries is of critical importance to promote Morocco's values ​​of peace, openness and tolerance.It is experiencing an exceptional moment in its clear approach to modernity and respect for all diversity“.

The prioritization of education is part of the ambitious and bold vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, expressed in a new development model that places a major emphasis on education and empowering young women and men in Morocco who embrace this virtue. And there is the potential that promises to be the strength of our countrysaid the messenger.

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Amrani, in this regard, highlighted the importance of educational and cultural exchanges between the Kingdom and the United States, noting that these exchanges make it possible to build bridges of understanding, promote peace and prosperity, and empower the next generation of leaders. To face the complex challenges of today's world.

Morocco and the United States share a long history of diplomatic relations and cultural exchanges. Through these exchanges there is an opportunity to deepen our mutual understanding of the cultures, traditions and perspectives of the two countries.“, noted the diplomat.

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In this sense, over the last four decades, the Fulbright Program has been ” It has played an important role in building bridges between our countries, fostering mutual respect and fostering lasting friendships.“.

In the same way, the executive director of the Fulbright Morocco program, Rebecca Zeffner, highlighted the significant role of the winners of the program as full actors in promoting mutual understanding between Morocco and the United States.

Since 1982, MACECE has actively promoted the vital friendship between the United States and Morocco through educational and cultural exchanges, Since its creation, MACECE has developed a community of more than 4,000 former Moroccan and American students, he said.

The Moroccan-American Commission on Educational and Cultural Exchange facilitates educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries in order to enhance the traditional friendly relations between Morocco and the United States.

As the main body responsible for this task, it enjoys financial, management and administrative autonomy. The Commission is governed by bilateral commissioners and receives its primary funding from the governments of Morocco and the United States.

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