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Meghan Markle: This unexpected appearance in the UK to pay tribute to a loved one who died

Meghan Markle: This unexpected appearance in the UK to pay tribute to a loved one who died

On Wednesday February 21, Meghan Markle made a rare appearance in a video released in the United Kingdom. The Duchess of Sussex has paid tribute to her close friend, the famous British dog trainer, who died two years ago.

Last appearance Meghan Markle Last week, she and Prince Harry followed Meghan on a short ski trip to Canada, where they briefly lived, and it went again. Her husband spoke of his express trip to the United Kingdom to visit the bedside of his father, Charles III, who is suffering from cancer during a recent operation.

The Duke of Sussex later suggested he would consider returning to his home country part-time to help his family as best as possible despite the tensions. “I visit my family as often as I canHe said specifically during his interview Good Morning America. A plan that was undoubtedly not to his wife's taste, she persuaded their family to leave the royal family to settle in California.

“They shared many things in friendship”

Not invited to comment on the health concerns of Charles III or her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle finally reappeared this Wednesday in a completely different environment. The Duchess of Sussex is real Recorded a video message Named for the opening of a new wing at a north London zoo The sound is just. The latter is none other than a famous British dog trainer who has been close to Archie and Lilibet's mother since they met in 2019. Sadly, Oli Just died two years ago, so the Duchess wanted to honor his memory: “Thank you to the amazing team at the shelter who worked tirelessly to make her dream come true. Finding a way to honor Oli's memory is criticalHe made the announcement in a video broadcast in the presence of shelter staff and other dignitaries.

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On the Archwell Foundation website, its representatives said more about the relationship between Meghan Markle and Oli Just: “Oli first introduced the Duchess to Mayhew in 2019 She became a royal goddess for a period of three years. They shared many things throughout their friendship A deep commitment to animal welfare and love for rescue dogs” Can we read A commitment that she could resume if she returned to the fold of the royal family…?


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