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Australia in charm action with 4 local leaders • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Australia in charm action with 4 local leaders • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Eight days in Fiji, Sydney and Canberra to better understand Australia and strengthen ties: A tailor-made program organized by the embassy for promising Fenua leaders. Four people were selected: Raimana Lallement-Mo, Steve Psyloux, Nicole Sanquar and Deborari Teridahi. 4 from Polynesia and 4 from New Caledonia have been selected for this programme. (…) Through this trip, we will meet the Australian authorities in Fiji, we will also have meetings with the South Pacific community, and then we will visit the institutions in Canberra. Australia is a power in the Pacific, it could be a good business partner, why not? The representative of the Tabura Huairatira group in the Assembly of French Polynesia declares the latter.

As initially planned, MP Tematai Le Gayic will not be part of the trip. He was succeeded by Nicole Sanquar, President of A Here Sir Polynesia and Representative of the Assembly of Polynesia. He joined the show last week: “The Australian government generally avoids representative groups in the legislature, we are not a group. And I was surprised to be invited last week to participate in this task. (…) I think Australia's objective is to get to know elected officials from other Pacific communities better and discuss things that can bring us together. “.

It was not initially planned, but in the end, the three main political powers of Fenua are represented in this delegation, which brings another dimension to the trip: “While we are outside the territory, it is also interesting to discuss among politicians. There is less political pressure on our shoulders, less media pressure. These are truly special moments, informally sitting around a table and discussing deep things.” Says Steve Psylocks, MP for Polynesia.

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The only non-political personality to be part of the delegation: lawyer, teacher and researcher Raimana Lalemant-Mo: “The fact that I do environmental research is of particular interest to them because Australia is a major power that exploits the most significant natural resources in its territory, but wants to play an increasingly important role in the environmental sector. (…) Where Australia stands in the Pacific region and climate change It is also interesting to know what are its future intentions in the fight against..

Environment, economy, diplomatic relations, partnership: expectations are different. The delegation left on Thursday evening.