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Stade Toulousein: “This is my home now!”  Emmanuel Meifou wants to play for France’s XV and has rejected Australia’s advances

Stade Toulousein: “This is my home now!” Emmanuel Meifou wants to play for France’s XV and has rejected Australia’s advances

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia and playing in France for almost 5 years, the second line of “Rouge et Noir” dreams of joining the blue team. An ambition he can legitimately believe in.

Red, black and blue. A triptych that guides 24-year-old Emmanuel Meifu on a daily basis. A second line of State Toulouse was born in New Zealand. He later grew up in Australia, where he made his professional debut, of which he is now a national. In 2019, in Toulouse, before arriving in France, he was 21 at the time.

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Within the five-time European champion club, he is proving himself and gaining international status. But which national team to marry? For Emmanuel Meifou, there is no doubt: France. “I want to play for France,” he began bluntly in an interview with a British newspaper on Thursday, April 13. telegram. Interview in which he reveals his refusal to join the Australian Test: “I had a good discussion with Eddie Jones. (Australian trainer, editor’s note), I informed him of my engagement with Blues. This is my home now. I’ve been playing here for almost five years, so I’m connected to France whether I play in the World Cup or not.

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In fact, Mefo’s ultimate dream is to make the Blues’ squad for the World Cup in France. Within a few months, that might not be possible. According to World Rugby regulations (recently relaxed), a player must have lived in a country for at least 5 years and, in the usual way, be eligible for that country’s selection. Colossus (2.03m; 145kg), who arrived in the Pink City in November 2018, has GIF (player from training classes) status and will therefore have to wait until November 2023 to become eligible.

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Even if some case law gives him hope… Recall that last February, during the 6 Nations tournament, France XV coach Fabien GalthiĆ© called on Emmanuel Meifou to prepare for the match against Wales. A way to show the blue staff that they trust him. For the future.