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Presidential election Joe Biden to announce ‘soon’ whether he’ll run again in 2024

(Dublin) As Joe Biden left Ireland on Friday evening, he promised to announce “relatively soon” his decision to officially run for president in 2024, recalling that he had a “plan” to represent himself.

“I have already done this calculation. We will announce relatively soon. But this trip has strengthened my belief in what can be done,” the US president told reporters when he was questioned about a candidate: “I said my plan is to represent me. »

“I told you my plan was to represent myself,” he said from Knock Regional Airport in the west of Ireland.

For months now, America has been wondering less and less when Joe Biden, despite his age, will formalize his campaign entry.

The 80-year-old Democrat further stoked expectations before flying to Dublin, where he will stop before returning to the US, ending a trip that began in Belfast on Tuesday and has since taken him all over his tracks. Ancestors in Ireland.

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