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Singer Robbie Williams reveals he was the target of a hitman

Singer Robbie Williams reveals he was the target of a hitman

Robbie Williams said he was the target of a hitman at the height of his career.

The singer, who started his career with the band Take That, has already revealed in a new interview that he had a bounty on his head several years ago.

He told The Mirror: “I never said that, but they put a knot on my head. I haven’t talked about it publicly before. It’s over now. I have friends. These things are the hidden side of fame. At some point in my life, I was very famous, like Michael Jackson. I became famous when I was 17, I was in a boy band at 16 and the band took off. When I was 21, I left to start a solo career, sold millions of albums, set the record for tickets sold in one day and all that…”

The singer, who released the album The Christmas Present in 2019, also admitted that he suffers from depression and anxiety due to his bad reputation.

“Great fame and great success go hand in hand with anxiety, depression and mental illness,” he said. “There are several levels of fame and each affects you differently.”

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