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The Other Wonderful Legacy of Pierre Bruno

The Other Wonderful Legacy of Pierre Bruno

In addition to being the face of TVA Nouvelles for 46 years, Pierre Bruneau has made his mark on Quebec in a very different way, through his participation in the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.

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CHU Sainte-Justine, named after the late son of the legendary news reader, now receives 10,000 children annually.

Many families expressed their gratitude to TVA Nouvelles for the care they received at this ultra-modern center.

“It’s very accessible, it’s close, everyone is very nice,” said Elliot’s mother, a four-year-old boy with leukemia.

“They used to work with the kids. They also have effective working methods to reassure them, and put them in confidence,” says Lily’s mother, who arrived from Boss with her daughter so the latter could receive chemotherapy for a brain tumor.

“She is very fond of the nurses who are part of the 200 staff at the center and who often worked there for several years out of passion,” she adds.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the Charles Bruno Foundation has invested millions upon millions of dollars and made tremendous efforts to relieve these children and advance science.

They have completely transformed the pediatric oncology scene in Quebec, and pediatric oncology, that is, pediatric cancer in Quebec. They have allowed us to position ourselves in Quebec among the world’s leaders. Twenty years ago, we must have been about 70-75%, now we are 85-90% of children cancer-cured,” explains Dr. Michel Duval, Head of Hematology and Oncology at CHU Sainte-Justin.

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Dr. Jocelyn Demers Charles, a great Nordic fan, accompanied his family through illness and co-founded the Charles Bruno Foundation with his great friend Pierre Bruno.

“For us, the goal was to try to raise all the problems of pediatric oncology, that is, to see that children receive the best care in the world, and to look for everything we could see from a technological point of view,” says Dr. Demers. .

“Little Charles has grown up. What was his dream? He wanted to grow up. This is the only reward Pierre could ask for: one day, at least his son will have this thing,” he adds.

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