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Jean-Philippe Dion reveals the cost of delaying the Star Académie and recounts his weekend adventure

Jean-Philippe Dion reveals the cost of delaying the Star Académie and recounts his weekend adventure

On Saturday, we learned that three of the nineteen candidates from star Academy She tested positive for COVID-19. The next day, it was announced that another singer had been reached, and so the production made the decision to postpone the big show for a week.

Obviously, reading this news, like many people, we thought of Jean-Philippe Dion and his team, who must have been living a nightmare.

Passing through the tower This Monday, he told the producer of his experience to Patrick Howard. ” Saturday night, I’m having dinner with my boyfriend and son and the phone is ringing. The candidate coordinator is the one who calls me and I say: “No, no, no, no, no,” and he replies: “Yes, there is another one.” I said, “Excellent.” I put my phone down and ate dinner. I thought this would be the last quiet dinner before the hurricane went. »

There were several discussions before the production team decided to propose to TVA to postpone everything for a week. ” For a broadcaster, this is huge. “Hey guys, it’s my month without alcohol, but it’s going to end at night,” Dennis Dubois, our big boss, told us. He got up, left Zoom, and came back with his glass of red wine. »

« In my life, I’ve never thought of pushing a Star Académie liner ‘, he admitted.

The producer notes that there is also, of course, a monetary aspect to all of this. ” It’s millions of dollars “, He says. ” The costs involved are enormous. I salute TVA, who nonetheless said: “The most important thing is the health of the candidates and the technical team.” . »

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You should know that the candidates have been in isolation since the beginning of January. Jean-Philippe Dion regularly hears from young people, but realizes that spirits are not at their highest at the moment. ” I think a lot about candidates who have children. They had not seen their children for two weeks and their dream had not been touched either. There is a wave of love I would like to give to all the candidates He says.

We wish the entire team the best of luck in these trying and uncertain times.

We recall that Jean-Philippe Dion and Alex Peron had a heated exchange on Twitter precisely because of the delay star Academy. Learn more here.