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Singer Cornelio is wanted by the police

Singer Cornelio is wanted by the police

After failing to appear in Montreal court on Thursday morning, singer Cornelio Montino is now wanted by police, while the court has issued an arrest warrant for him.

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The 40-year-old faces two charges of drugging two victims without their knowledge during two separate incidents that allegedly occurred in 2013 and 2016.

During his last appearance, where he was not present, his lawyer said she was having difficulty reaching him. A summons has been issued at this time for his appearance today.

However, he never showed up. It does not appear that his lawyer has gotten any news from him.

“At the last appointment, the judge asked the accused to come to court today. The master was not present, so the judge, Laurence Fanny Listage, Prosecutor for Criminal and Criminal Trials, issued an arrest warrant.

Photography by Martin Allary

If intercepted, Cornelio could be arrested and brought to court.

The singer is accused of poisoning two people.

The 40-year-old was arrested on November 11, 2022.

Few details have been revealed about the case, but the Journal de Montreal reported that the first event occurred in August 2013.

The second event allegedly occurred three years later, in June 2016. This second accusation relates to a second victim.

However, it was not until November 2022 that an investigation was opened by the SPVM into these two incidents where he allegedly administered a harmful substance.

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