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Season is over for Ryan Poehling

Season is over for Ryan Poehling

On the sidelines for the rest of the season, Ryan Boiling had a fantastic campaign with the Laval missile, even though he had to deal with a wrist injury.

The Montreal Canadiens announced on Thursday that surgery was needed and it was time to run Poehling under the knife. The American striker, who topped the Rocket with 25 points in 28 matches, will not return to the match in 2020-21. Consequently, he cannot be part of the group of additional players (“black aces”) who can be called up from the qualifiers in CH.

“It’s not because we see a snowboarder wearing a shirt that it’s 100%,” said Rocket coach, Joël Bouchard, who didn’t want to go. He expanded on the details, while agreeing that Poehling wasn’t hurt in training.

In his last match with Rocket on April 24 in Ottawa, Poehling had accumulated three assists in a 4–1 win over Senators Belleville. The team’s top scorer, he led the Laval team this season with an average of 0.89 points per game.

“To do things well”

Bouchard said the decision was made regarding the young player “in order to do things well,” praising the work of Dr. David S. Mulder.

The coach also commented: “It is always sad and frustrating when a player does not reach the end of his season.” It breaks our hearts. “

While Bouehling has this feeling for Poehling’s attitude, he has the same sympathy for Joel Teasdale, Joseph Blandisi and Michael Pezzetta, who have also been forced to give up at the end of Rocket’s regular schedule recently, due to various injuries.

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“It was a good season,” added the Rockett coach, expressing optimism for the future of the 22-year-old, who was the Canadians picked for the first round in the 2017 draft. We saw a lot of maturity in his squad. The game and an understanding of what can bring him success. “

According to Canadiens, an update will be released about Poehling’s recovery period after the medical procedure.

Laval Rocket, who will play his next match on Friday at the Bale Center against the Senators, still has six games ahead of May 17, when the season ends. After dominating the Canadian Division, Rocket had no playoff schedule in the Major League Soccer.