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Millions are courted by the big guns

Millions are courted by the big guns

Nothing more, nothing less than the tens of millions of dollars that the architects of a new international circuit gave the world’s best golfers to lure them into joining the Premier Golf League.

Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau and many other stars will have to choose between the nest egg or pursue their careers on the PGA Tour.

The “Premier Golf League” was in its infancy at the start of the 2020 season, and the league disappeared from behind the scenes of the American circuit for a year. But now, for a few weeks now, a representative hiding in Jupiter, Florida has been approaching the biggest shotguns in the golf world by luring them with offers, some over $ 30 million each, to join a new entity called the “Super Golf League” (SGL). ).

British Journal Watchman The news broke hours before the top golfers met Tuesday night at the Quail Hollow Golf Club, which hosts the Wells Fargo Championship. At one of the annual meetings with PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan, the “Premier League” was discussed.


Monahan continued to take a hard line. Anyone wishing to join the new circuit will be suspended from the PGA Tour and even expelled. The European circuit, many of its players courted, followed suit.

Membership can also cost entries to the four Grand Slam tournaments as well as a place in Ryder Cup teams. Lack of recognition of the global ranking and the loss of sponsors can also add to this.

Therefore, by enrolling in this closed league that offers astronomical scholarships, only golfers can add their fortunes. They will have to leave everything behind.

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Saudi fortunes

Among the fortunes that support this new league is one of the private funds of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. Remember, he is suspected of ordering the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

This “Premier League” of international flavor will bring together the best golfers by forming teams in a series of around twenty tournaments on the calendar. It will be launched in September 2022.

Although the best received huge offers, others such as Justin Thomas (2e Golfers of the world) say they are not approached. Either way, Thomas wants to make his mark in North America.

Immediately after the project emerged, Rory McCloy closed the door, questioning funding sources and issues. He repeated his view on Wednesday in Quail Hollow.

“If a player wants to join SGL for money, it is okay if that is his goal. But this is not my case. I play to leave my mark on my sport and be a part of history. I play to win the major tournaments and the biggest tournaments in the world.”