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Caufield: "We have to calm down a little," warns Shane

Caufield: “We have to calm down a little,” warns Shane

The Montreal Canadiens seemed to be happy to set their sights on striker Cole Caufield at 15th in the 2019 draft.

After just six matches, the 20-year-old has scored two goals for his record. Both times, he gave his team a win in overtime. Former Anaheim Ducks member Alain Chainey, who has spent 20 years with this organization, including 11 as head of recruiting, sees many traits in Caufield that could make him a future influential player for Team Montreal.

You can’t teach a player to score goals, as he mentioned during the final episode of the podcast “On the Catwalk” hosted by Félix Séguin, Thursday. It’s instinctive and he has a very powerful shot for a player of this size. But what I like about Cole Caufield He’s his hands. Yes, he has a great shot, but he has super fast hands and that’s what makes him able to get the disc in place to take a consistently good shot. “

However, when he was hired by the California team, Chainey looked at two other elements in the game of probability, namely his speed and especially his sense of the game.

“I have seen two players skiing so fast that if you open the door to Zamboni, they will end up in Riviere de Prairie. However, they had no idea about the game and it was difficult for them to stand out at a higher level.

“In Caufield’s case, he has that skill. His offensive sense of play, this instinct to distinguish himself from the bishop and make himself available to receive a puck, is difficult to learn. You don’t improve the player’s sense of the game much.”

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However, the one who works now before TVA Sports is warning fans to keep their feet on the ground and not get too excited with Caufield at the moment, as it compared the Canadian Black Hawk striker Alex DeBurnkat’s prospect.

“This is what scares me now, I hear words like” miracle, “you have to calm down a little,” Shane adds. You have to calm down and let the young man progress and develop properly. “

“You have to give yourself two to three years. You have to be very patient. We are talking about players like.” [Sidney] Crosby et al [Auston] Matthews and Connor McDavid are two talented players. Caufield, although I like him very much, is not a talented player. “

Shani also briefly touched on the cases of Nick Suzuki and Gisbury Kotaniemi, two other young men climbing the ranks within the Hab organization. In their case, too, it calls for patience.

“Let us be patient with the youth, let them give them time to develop properly and not set too high standards and too high expectations with these young players.”