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Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse shares all the pics from Down Bye Bye and not many have recognized her boyfriend

Bye Bye 2022 aired on Radio Canada on December 31.

It was another opportunity to see a review of the news of the past 12 months in Quebec in humorous form.

Sarah Jeanne Labrousse was once again cast and comedian for the Bye Bye 2022 cast, in the company of Guylaine Tremblay, Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarais, Patrick Huard, and François Bellefeuille.

We also got to see many actors and actresses from all over Quebec during the show.

In fact, Claude Legault, Remy-Pierre Paquin, Normane Brathuit, Dominique Paquet, Veronique Le Flagois, Bruno Blanchett, Simone Olivier Vecteau, and more surprises! And there was even Julie Perrault, whom many do not recognize in her disguise.

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse has shared all the pictures of her Bye Bye 2022 bottoms in the last hours… and we can see it in Julie Snyder, the Sunwing influencer, Anne Elizabeth Boss and more.

There’s also her boyfriend, Marc-Andre Grondin, who made a cameo…and it was a surprise for Sarah Jane! In fact, Marc Andre never told her… so it was quite a surprise watching the show on the 31st!

Here is what Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse posted as a short text with all the photos:

🌬️ 📄🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Happy New Year you bad! ❤️

And here are all the pics involved… How about boyfriend Marc-Andre Grondin, who not many recognize as third!

see below:

1Sarah Jane LaBrosse Guillen Tremblay Bye Bye 2022

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