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Dennis Bernard makes a stunning claim in the trailer for The True Nature

The official trailer for the fifth season of true nature It appeared on social media on Tuesday and we find out who all of Jean-Philippe Dion’s guests are this winter.

Thus, he will receive Paul Pechy, Jean-Sebastien Girard, Mathieu Dufour, Varda Etienne, Antoine Vezina, Gildor Roy, Farah Ali Bey, Stéphane Maktab, Patrice Michaud, Lydia Bouchard, Lawrence Jalbert, Sylvain Marcel, Jessica Parker, Ingrid Saint-Pierre. India Desjardins.

She will also welcome actor Dennis Bernard. The latter also makes a statement in the trailer and this has fans curious: “ I said to myself, knowing I was coming to do this show: “If I’m going out, this will be where I’m going to do it.”. Then the facilitator asks him: Because you never talked about it? It is stated: He never spoke “.

In an interview with Us last month, Jean-Philippe Dion mentioned to us the fact that the actor has captivated in an amazing way. Talk to us Great inspiration One thing’s for sure, we’re stoked! We can’t wait to find out what it is.

The two guests who will accompany Denis Bernard to the chalet discover unexpected similarities in the journey of their lives. Learn more here.

See the trailer below.

We also remind you that for the first time in history true nature, Jean-Philippe Dion will have two guests, instead of three, during the show. See why here.

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