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L’église de Saint-Mathieu deviendra La Mathéenne espace culturel

Saint-Mathieu Church will become La Mathéenne cultural space

The municipality of Saint Matteo confirms that it will receive the personally-announced $ 664,000 grant by Culture Minister Natalie Roy in September 2020 to transform the church into a multifunctional center. She is also formalizing the name of her project, La Mathéenne Cultural Space.

After the approval of the Financial Assistance Agreement, work can begin on the building celebrating its centenary this year in the fall, Mayor Liz Boysan rejoices.

Until then, the municipality will launch a call for bids to hire an architectural firm that will lay out plans and specifications for the conversion of the church. Plan to install amenities, such as toilets, drinks bar, ticket office, which will allow shows, family reunions, movie screenings, etc.

“We wish to leave a positive legacy for future generations and memories that will be created in the heart of the village of Sant Matteo.” William Monet

“The celebrations for the centenary of Saint-Mathieu in 2017 have made us see that there is interest in this type of event, but there are gaps in the facilities,” explains Ms Poissant.

She adds that without government financial assistance, the project would not have started now.

The scholarship covers 50% of the costs. Fundraising will be necessary to compensate for the rest. “

The seats would also be removed to make way for the organizers, but a portion of the church would remain devoted to religious practice, explains Ms Poissant, who says she is particularly inspired by the converted Church of Sainte-Élisabeth-de-Warwick. At the cheese factory.

“The idea is not to lose the historical and religious character of the place,” added the mayor.

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A place for the community

Growing up in Saint Matteo, William Monet enjoys collaborating on a project that will bring the community together in these difficult times, he says.

We want citizens to take ownership of this project and share their views in order to enrich it. Ultimately, it will have a lasting impact on the residents’ quality of life, ”says the director of communications and marketing at Events Saint-Mathieu, in charge of programming, in particular.

As the building is aging, but its heritage value is still real, the conversion of the church will protect the space and provide a new room choice in the area, Mr. Monet asserts.

“This is what residents want, according to what the opinion polls conducted with them revealed,” he said.

As for the stained glass windows of the church classified as heritage objects by the Ministry of Culture, the $ 25,000 grant received in 2019 to light them is still valid, Ms. Boisan said. This other project will be incorporated into the La Mathéenne project, which refers to a person who wishes to reveal “this good is unknown to citizens”.

The name “carries meaning”

The choice to name the La Mathéenne project reflects the sense of pride that inhabits the citizens of Saint-Mathieu, explains the municipality and Events Saint-Mathieu. Mayor Lise Boysan adds that this name “has meanings and also reminds of the contribution of women to the development of the municipality.” Finally, it also drew inspiration from the use of the feminine in the names of auditoriums, such as Place des Arts, for example.

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