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Prosper, Mont de- Marsan au coeur

Rugby, Mont de Marsan, Prosper, The Return of the Prodigal Son

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The fifty-year-old Prosper grew up in Tartas. Half-opening played at Stade Montois and then in Narbonne and Agen. Mons coach, especially alongside his son-in-law Mark Dal Maso, between 2007 and 2013, was the architect of two climbing in Top 14 and lost the semi-finals at Albi in 2011. Prosper was then in charge of three: Agen’s quarters from 2013 to 2019, the club that won With him twice in the final, joining Top 14 and then Castres between 2019 and this year.

We hinted at it a few weeks ago in ” Beam headers »In France Bleu Gascogne. Then the person we interrogated denied … with a smile. Extremely symbolic and extremely athletic comeback flourishes. Mons returns to the club that led him Twice in the Top 14 With his brother-in-law, former Vice World Champion Mark Dal Maso. It reached the semi-finals between the two. Prosper, which was the opening half from 1979 to 2002, is Master the science. Tactical maneuver. And one Skilled kicking game manager And bold combinations in a game of wait-and-see sometimes. He had left Mont-de-Marsan after a heartbreaking year, associated with counter-work with Scottish Scott Murray, who is more diligent, on the grass of Saint-Avet than on the training grounds. Prosper left unhappy for Ajene and then for Custer, where he was discharged at the beginning of the year. His return to Stade Montois is also the return of a power the previous player never lacked. It is also a conscience and guarantor of stadium culture.

Tribe is more than a technical direction

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Blond, now bearded with bleached hair, smiling and more discreet than the ostentatious poses, Stefan Prosper is the kind of silent who knows how to be playful and affectionate. He was born in Fommel, and he was there fifty in March, and he grew up in Tartas. This is where rugby started before the Mons quickly discovered it. Half the opening, will pass Five seasons in yellow and black aAt the beginning of the nineties before he went to bring his enthusiasm and his massive kick to Narbonne and Agen and then return to end his football career at Mont de Marsan. He was the France Elite 2 champion that year and made a sacred team climb to the Top 16. After a period of activity outside of rugby in the private sector, he began his coaching career at the club in 2007 alongside Grizzly d’Escalans, his team. The son-in-law of a prostitute Mark Dal Maso. The two are also with, among others, Raphael Steyr and Patrick Millhett, the physical trainer and co-trainer at the time. Therefore Prosper will have no difficulty installing it in the current Mons template. Melhett, the manager, fits like a glove and has trained in his time Julian Taste, now the coach in charge of the forwards and Julian Cabanes or Jan Prithos. This return is actually also A family and clan story!