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Brendigen.  An outdoor cultural space under construction

Brendigen. An outdoor cultural space under construction

Envisioning a project for tomorrow together was the aim of the meeting that brought together on Wednesday 15 October the residents of Brenden who responded to the call of the city’s mayor, Pascal Bahou.

The municipality was the winner of the call for citizen participation projects implemented by the Lot administration, and was represented on the day by District Councilor Anne Laporterie, as well as an employee of SDAIL and accompanied by Auxilia. This first period of work aimed to think with all volunteer citizens about the possibilities for developing the lands located in the village town. It was unanimous that the external cultural space project took shape quickly.

It must be said that it is an idea that has long been implanted in the minds of the people of Brindenois, many of whom happily participate in organizing the Ségal’Arts festival supported by the Pilou Association. The first ephemeral work saw the light of day a few years ago, to test run an outdoor theater during the summer. There are many technical and financial obstacles that hindered the implementation of this idea.

It was also filled with excitement and excitement at the prospect of a new opportunity to seize, as the residents in attendance worked on their ideal project. We talked about theatre, cultural space, environmental responsibility, artistic journey, artist residencies, concerts… We imagined summer, greenery and the outdoors but also winter, shelter and warmth. Realistic or not, perhaps all these busy ideas are just the first words written on a new page for the village, the first vision of a future in which culture and the revitalization of social life will always be linked, for Brenden. The region and its inhabitants.

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