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The vaccination of persons with disabilities in Mauritius

The vaccination of persons with disabilities in Mauritius

Starting April 28, people with disabilities will be able to schedule an appointment to receive a vaccine at vaccination clinics or in pharmacies. People on the autism spectrum are also part of the new class of people who can get vaccinated in the county.

Autisme Mauricie’s director, Martine Quessy, welcomes the government’s decision. Of course, if we could make appointments for pharmacy that would be fine. Otherwise, an appointment after hours [pour la population générale] When there is less traffic, She suggests.

[Les centres de vaccination de masse] They are big, enormous places, where there is a lot of stimulation. For adults, it definitely has to be a very disturbing placeShe explained.

Caregivers can also be vaccinated at the same time as the person they support daily.

Martin Casey praises the decision to vaccinate family members, adding that this will prevent parents from having to care for their children when they have to go to a clinic to receive the vaccine.

It is well thought out to avoid overburdening our families.

Quote from:Martine Quessy, director of Autisme Mauricie

Several organizations had been pressing the government for several months. They felt that people with disabilities were avoiding leaving their homes for fear of contracting COVID-19, when the majority of the population significantly resumed eating and other social activities.

Advocates for people with disabilities have repeatedly said that this segment of the population is more vulnerable to COVID-19.

I think there are definitely many loved ones and people who have been affected just as much as I feel right now to get this good news.Says Martin Cowet, Chair Professor of Self-Determination and Disability Research at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières.

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Even if Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dube indicated that the availability of new doses of the vaccine makes it possible to open vaccination for this group, Martin Cowet believes that Official notification sent to the government of Quebec by relatives of persons with disabilities Will be Speed ​​things up.

The expert believes that the risk of contracting COVID-19 and suffering from complications is greater for people with disabilities, depending on the nature of their disability. He also stressed the difficulty of this group in obtaining health care.

It is an inequality that existed to descend to the last rank, that is, to the same rank as the general population, [une inégalité] Which fortunately was corrected by the ministerRejoice.

According to information from Julie Greenon