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Ryan Gosling is the character most often used to defraud internet users

Ryan Gosling is the character most often used to defraud internet users

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is the person most often used to defraud internet users, according to a 2023 ranking of celebrities most exploited by hackers published by antivirus software publisher McAfee.

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This ranking is created according to the number of fraudulent programs or sites generated by searching for names of celebrities. That Ryan Gosling is at the top of this ranking is no real surprise since he was on the bill Barbie, The biggest cinematic success of the year. Moreover, his partner Margot Robbie, who plays the lead role, also appears in the top ten list.

If it seems that Ryan Gosling is the favorite bait for scammers this year, then actresses Emily Blunt and Zendaya, singer Jennifer Lopez, actor Kevin Costner or even singer (and wrestler in his spare time) Bad Bunny are other celebrities whose names are particularly inspiring hackers.

Note the most surprising presence of billionaire Elon Musk and American weather presenter Al Roker.

Top 10 McAfee Celebrities Most Exploited by Hackers:

1. Ryan Gosling

2. Emily Blunt

3. Jennifer Lopez

4. Zendaya

5. Kevin Costner

6. Elon Musk

7. Al Roker

8. Margot Robbie

9. Bad Bunny

10. America Ferrera

To achieve this ranking, McAfee researchers analyzed the percentage of sites identified as vulnerable when searching for the names of various celebrities. Note that if they often illustrate false promotions or scams about cryptocurrencies, they are also increasingly becoming a topic. Deep fakes Used in misleading advertisements.

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