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After his performance against Fury, Ngannou’s critical message to Dana White: “I want him…

After his performance against Fury, Ngannou’s critical message to Dana White: “I want him…

Written by Pierre-Andrea Friel | Sports journalist

Having left the UFC less than a year ago, Francis Ngannou has not maintained good relations with Dana White. At the end of his impressive performance against Tyson Fury, he also made scathing remarks about his former captain.

No one seemed to believe in his chances of competing with the best boxers on the planet, let alone his former employer. However, Francis Ngannou proved his worth by valiantly standing up to Tyson Fury in the ring. An unlikely scenario that quickly encouraged fans to put his stormy departure from the UFC on the table once again, and mock Dana White’s decision:

It’s crazy to see how we’ve gone from “Francis Ngannou is the biggest loser in this entire story” to “Dana White is the biggest loser in this entire story.”

Nine months later, Francis Ngannou is still provoking Dana White

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Ngannou, left the roster in January 2023. The reason is that the federation’s leaders refused to grant him many benefits and freedoms, including some related to his last fight in English boxing. It’s no wonder then that the Predator had to bring up Dana White after his demonstration against Fury. In the Mixed martial arts watchHe was joking with his former boss:

We need to send him an invitation to ask him what he thinks (on Saturday’s fight). I would like him to say what he thinks too.

Relishing this silence, Francis also took the opportunity to discuss the influence White had on UFC fighters from which he was able to free himself:

You have to understand that Dana has power over a lot of fighters. Many of them are just there to please their boss and have no identity of their own. They just want to fit in and you can’t blame them. It costs a lot to rebel and say what you think. Some are unable to do so. Some are dolls. I can’t be one. I’m so big and proud of it.

Coming off his bout against Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou showed no fear when attacking Dana White once again. It remains to be seen whether the latter will be so kind as to respond to him and discuss this battle in the coming days.