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Video – Eurovision: Why is Australia competing?

Video – Eurovision: Why is Australia competing?

No doubt you will make a small comment in front of your television Eurovision, He returns to Sweden between May 7 and 11 : “What, Australia is participating?” If this app is surprising because Australians are only a day's flight from continental Europe, it's really serious and has been going on since 2015! France Blue explains to you why they are in the game too.

A competition that is not just reserved for European countries

Eurovision, despite the “EURO” prefix, is not just reserved for European countries. All active members of the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union (27 with no connection to the EU), can participate in the competition. They are “Located in the European Broadcasting Area as defined by the International Telecommunication Union”, explains the EBU on its website.

This union goes a little beyond the limits of the European continent. This is why Israel participates (since 1973) or why Morocco participated in the tournament in 1980. Therefore, Tunisia, Jordan or Algeria can participate. Lebanon also tried to stage in 2005, but ultimately decided to give up because the constitution prohibits the promotion of Israeli products, and therefore broadcasting Israel's anthem.

Australian heritage

Australia is not a member of the EBU, so its participation is impossible on paper. But the match is so popular in the country that Australians have been able to watch it live on SBS since 1983 (early mornings due to the time difference), and the ratings have been successful. Over the years, many Australian singers have also taken part in the competition, but always representing other countries, such as Gina G and Greece star Olivia Newton-John. Died in 2022to the United Kingdom.

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So as a salute to their loyalty and Australian passion, Eurovision organizers decided to invite Australia as the guest of honor in 2015 to celebrate the contest's 60th anniversary. That year, singer Guy Sebastian (with the song “Tonight Again”) was eliminated from the semi-finals. Finishes fifth in the finalsA good result at first.

The participation was so successful that Australia was invited again the following year, but this time there was no concession: the delegates had to face terrifying qualifications. In 2016, Australia won the silver medal, its best performance to date. Since then, Australia have never missed a single edition. So what was an exceptional invitation has become a tradition.

Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again (Australia) – Live at the Eurovision 2015 Grand Final