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Russia is involved in false allegations against Biden

Russia is involved in false allegations against Biden

In an FBI interview following his arrest and indictment last week for making false statements, Alexander Smirnov, a former FBI informant, said: I confess After he was in contact with Russian intelligence officials, who provided him with false information regarding Joe and Hunter Biden. This information is found in A Court document Filed this Tuesday by the FBI, which calls for Smirnov to be detained pending trial, stating that the disinformation the latter has engaged in is not limited to the 2020 presidential election but continues into 2024.

“He is actively promoting new lies that could influence the US election after his meeting with Russian intelligence officers in November,” the document said. Elsewhere, the document claims that Russian intelligence services intercepted numerous phone calls made by prominent Americans that the Russians could use as “kompromat” during the 2024 presidential election, “depending on the identity of the candidate.”

Smirnoff, 43, was arrested in Las Vegas after a Los Angeles grand jury indicted him on charges of making a false statement and creating a fictitious false dossier about bribes totaling $10 million to Joe and Hunter Biden. He told the FBI that executives of the Ukrainian company Burisma told him they hired Hunter Biden “to do it.” [se] He protects through his father from all kinds of problems. It now seems likely that the Russians dictated these lies to him.

The allegations of the former FBI informant were one of the most important elements of the Republican-led House impeachment investigation against Joe Biden. Today, these Republicans find themselves playing into the hands of Russian intelligence in this other matter by continuing their investigations. The investigation, which, it must be said, affects Hunter Biden's affairs in other countries, including China. However, to date, Republicans have never succeeded in proving that Joe Biden benefited financially from his son's business or used his former position as vice president to help him.

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