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RUGBY. Australie. 3e roue du carrosse, pourquoi les Wallabies ne font plus bondir les foules ?

RUGBY. Australia. The 3rd wheel of the cart, why don’t the Wallabies let the crowd jump?

Generally in the sports world, gala posters are often scheduled on weekends. This obviously allows for a large number of visitors. So why is this? AustraliaNew ZealandA decisive and legendary poster takes place during traffic jams: A Thursday at 7:45 pm (by 11:45 am France)? Several factors explain this wacky programming. The first is about competition. The tournament is to be held in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria. In order not to compete with the NRL and Australian football, the two other most popular sports among Australians, the Australian federation is obliged to comply with government directives and television channels that want programs on weekdays. In fact, on Friday and Saturday evenings, The famous Rugby League League is hosting its quarter-finals in Sydney. On the other hand, the AFL (Australian Football League) continues its playoffs with the semi-finals of the championship. Hence the passing matches before the national team and its shock against the country of the white cloud. A situation that would not have been possible a few years ago, but it can be explained by the loss of momentum of the team led by Dave Rennie.Rugby Championship. A historic setback for the Wallabies, and worse could be yet to come

The underdog Wallabies?

Pointing to 8th place in the world rankings, Australia has the worst ranking in its history. The Wallabies, who have not won two consecutive matches since October 2021, and two wins against Argentina (32-17) and The. Japan (32-23). Australians don’t look like the scarecrow they might have represented on the planetary rugby chessboard some time ago. As proof, their last Rugby Championship win was back in 2015. One year they reached the finals World Cup Inside England. Since then, the next generation doesn’t seem ready and the Wallabies are looking for a second wind that comes slowly. Fewer and fewer dreamers will result in lumbering… In short, the calculations are not good for Rugby Australia, which can still hope to win the title this year.RUGBY.  Nobody talks about it, but the Wallabies are also going through a string of defeatsRUGBY. Nobody talks about it, but the Wallabies are also going through a string of defeats

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Will the Bledisloe file resume?

In fact, all teams in this Rugby Championship have the same record with two wins to two defeats after four days. So it’s all to be done and although the Blacks are in first place with a one point lead, Ian Foster’s men are acceptable and going through the turbulence zone as well. This dual clash, the winner of which will clinch the Bledislo trophy, looks very important and a turning point for both countries… on Thursday at 7:45pm (local time).RUGBY.  Who is new Wallabies serial scorer Andrew Kellaway?RUGBY. Who is new Wallabies serial scorer Andrew Kellaway?