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US lawmakers are going further than the White House in helping Taiwan

US lawmakers are going further than the White House in helping Taiwan

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A new US challenge to China over Taiwan. This time, it was Parliament that initiated the process of massive military aid to the island in the face of threats from Communist China.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

It’s only a first step, but it certainly won’t please the Beijing authorities. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, led by elected officials from both Democrats and Republicans, adopts the “Taiwan Policy Act.”

The bill provides more than $4 billion in military aid to Taiwan over the next four years. It asks the president to grant permission to major Chinese financial institutions during the “” event. Escalation of Hostilities Against Taiwan “.

For all of this to become a reality, the plan must be voted on by the Senate and House of Representatives before being signed by Joe Biden. But this is already happening in a tense environment. A few days ago, the White House announced the sale of more than a billion dollars worth of arms to the Taipei government.

Beijing organized it The most important military maneuvers Across the island, in response to an on-site visit by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the 3rd person in US Govt. Faced with China’s fury, the White House has pushed for separation of powers in the United States without publicly repudiating Nancy Pelosi.

This time, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the Biden administration was not fully cooperating with this new congressional effort.

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