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Remparts: Players can join the NHL

Remparts: Players can join the NHL

Indicating that the Quebec Remparts will have a mature squad this season, Patrick Roy is living in uncertainty regarding the status of some of his NHL players, including Zachary Bolduc, Evan Nose and Nathan Gaucher.

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In addition to Bolduc (St. Louis), Nos (Florida) and Gaucher (Anaheim), Theo Rochet and Michal Hochette (Philadelphia), James Malatesta (Columbus) and Vsevolod Komarov (Buffalo) will be leaving over the next few weeks for their professional camps.

Unlike Rochette and Huchette, players invited by the Flyers, as well as Malatesta and Komarov, Bolduc, Nause and Gaucher have contracts with their NHL team.

In the case of the first two teams, this would be the second professional camp.

“I think we’ll have one or two players starting in the NHL this year,” Roy said before being asked if he was talking about Bolduc, among other things. I don’t know, but after my discussions, the blues will give him a real shot. I also think Nause will have a real shot in Florida and Gaucher also in Anaheim. They all have contracts and teams will certainly look at them properly. »

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In a year like the one the Remparts are about to start in, during which they’ll aim again for the highest honors, losing one of these pieces or the other would hurt a lot. On the other hand, junior hockey’s job is to train professional players.

“It’s credit to our show,” Roy said. This is the reason they are here. »

It’s a familiar situation for Roy who, in 2006, lost the services of 19-year-old defender Mark Eduard Vlasic to the San Jose Sharks.

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Today, the Rimparts hockey coach made further cuts to the team’s training camp, and Marc-Olivier Roy, Justin Duval, Alexandre Desmaris and Jason Beaulieu returned to their clubs. So there are still 28 players in camp and a few more will be cut on Saturday.

The final lineup will be known on Sunday, at the end of the trading period.

So the head coach and general manager of the Red Devils will have to juggle his workforce over the next few weeks, waiting for the veterans to return to professional camps.


At the moment, 16 strikers, nine defenders and three goalkeepers are still on the Remparts list, but five players who are not involved in snowboard training at the moment are Bolduc and Nause who are cooperating with their professional teams. Which the Red Devils offered a week off after participating in the World Junior Hockey Championship, as well as Malatesta (COVID-19) and Hochette (Mononucleosis). The latter nonetheless in the entourage of the team.