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Nick Suzuki believes he can get at least 82 points

Nick Suzuki believes he can get at least 82 points

The word “progress” is important to Canadians. After all, the club has many youngsters who still need to develop in order to make Flannel a powerhouse one day.

But it’s not just hopefuls who can apply: it’s established players too. And for those who don’t believe me, look at what Mike Matheson did in the 2022-23 season and what the Bruins captain has accomplished in his career, for example…

Brief. All of this means the Canadian will want to see some players step up… and that includes the club’s two best forwards: Cole Caufield and captain Nick Suzuki.

In Caufield’s case, we know it will involve better goal production. His 26 goals in 46 games last year leads us to believe he can score more than 40 this year.

But in the case of No. 14? What will it take for him to progress? Does this come through his defensive play? With his attack? With all this at the same time?

The key player in question was asked regarding his offensive production. As Anthony Martino of TVA Sports reported, Suzuki believes he can surpass the psychological limit of points per game.

Remember, last year he got 66 points. But we must also remember that the Canadian has suffered many injuries.

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Before everyone got hurt, Suzuki had a lot of points. He had 34 points in 25 games during which Sean Monahan was in a Canadiens uniform.

That’s a rate of over 100 points per year which is perhaps not sustainable for the youngster, but it also shows that 66 points is more than a conservative floor for a captain.

We understand why Suzuki, who will find Cole Caufield and Sean Monahan (unless…) this year, thinks he can do better. And if Kirby Dutch plays as a midfielder behind him…

Note that Martin St-Louis does not have a ball in the starting position so that his player can choose a point in the match in the LNH (which is more offensive), but that the Suzuki has a ball that can have more points in the mass. this year.

I think he can get about fifteen points more than last year. you all?

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