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Cameroon-Info.Net :: Cameroon – Samuel Eto’o’s comments today in Douala

“We are not all stupid and fraudulent in this country. I will denounce this banditry in which you pursue the state until the end. It is an insult to the intelligence of an entire people.”

Samuel Eto’o while running behind a ball. We were going to school. Respect us anyway

Some have noticed that I have been away for about a week. I know it wasn’t of my own making. But it is this mafia clan that has seized power in Yaounde and is doing everything to hide the truth. They cash you in daily for stealing and looting from behind. And these people decided to deactivate all my accounts and pages.

So far, they have dropped two accounts and two pages: Accounts Boris Bertolt And the Bertolt Boris. as well as pages Boris Bertolt And the This is how the republic goes. However, we will continue to fight to install sound governance in Cameroon. To have men who are serious in business, serious men who will not take advantage of people’s misery to reap their pockets.

If fame had given all the passes, Michael Jordan would have been President of the United States; Pele in Brazil; Okocha in Nigeria; Messi in Argentina or guests in Senegal. who he is when assuming public responsibilities; When one is obligated to manage public money, he is subject to the rules imposed by public life. It is transparency and good governance.

This statement is simply an insult to the Cameroonians. What American company is he talking about? In which state was ONE ALL SPORTS registered? Who are the directors of this company? What contract did you perform? How long has it been practicing in the US? Who are its partners in the United States?

These statements will follow him and he will have serious problems. For an individual who has already been convicted of tax evasion in Europe, and especially in Spain, using the name of the United States in a process that reeks of corruption and money laundering is insane. Only those uneducated in financial crime can advise Ito to continue down this path.

When Eto’o Fels played ball, we went to school. ETO’O doesn’t even know what he’s doing. We told him in the neighborhood go and take a company that sells shirts, put white in the front and get the rest from behind. Cameroonians do not like the French, they will accept.

But since Samuel loves the Mafia and all things fishy, ​​he is gone. Didn’t even think. Also because it is financially a little on his knees. But he can’t even imagine what he’s about to get into. Then he will say that his lawyers and advisors deceived him. No Samuel. There are enough items today that show that you created this entire mafia to fill your pockets. Believing that you have the protection of your friends in the Presidency of the Republic.

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I would warn you. Not all of us are stupid and fake in this country. I will denounce this banditry in which you exercise the state to the end. Because it is an insult to the intelligence of an entire people.

Boris Bertolt