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Really big names for FestiVoix

Really big names for FestiVoix

According to FestiVoix General Manager Thomas Grégoire, this is the heaviest initial announcement in the event’s history. But it seems that the audience did not wait to be attracted to this programming, as passports are being sold at unprecedented rates. The CEO confirms that 5,300 valuable tickets, or a third of all regular passports, have already found participants. Last year, at the end of December, we reached 3,500 sales before the first names in the program were announced.

As for the club’s passports, of the 110 that were available, only 6 were left for sale. Moreover, half of the VIP passports have been sold so far. “People still trust us, and this encourages us to work even harder to meet their expectations,” commented Thomas Gregoire.

As proof of this, he cites the names that were announced in the program, which is a faster reveal than before.

“They bear witness to the diversity that is the identity of our event. Instead of focusing on two or three very big names, we prefer to have a more diverse program with more artists of very high caliber to reach all audiences.

Thomas Gregoire, CEO of FestiVoix

“with FloridaWe find an international pop star who has collaborated with people like Jennifer Lopez. Last year, we welcomed Sean Paul and it was a huge success; Here we have an artist of the same size. Charlotte Cardin has not visited FestiVoix since 2018 and since then, her career has spread across the globe. As for Rock band live With his music reminiscent of late 90s and 2000s rock, we’re talking sales of over 22 million albums across the planet. This is also a big catch.

“With Salebarbes, the watch group in Quebec at the moment, we are sure that we will have a very festive evening thanks to this lively Acadian music. The hip-hop band Cypress Hill will come to us from California with their special Latin American flair. They will be very popular among fans and the general public “Both. As for Dean Lewis, with his more relaxed indie style and his quieter, more poetic songs, he will close out the 2024 edition on a high note.”

“We already cover a wide range of tastes and still have approximately 115 more artists to unveil over the coming weeks and months. Plus, we have some great surprises in store for our customers.

FestiVoix 2024 will rely on the largest programming budget in its history. “In fact, since 2022, our programming budget has completely doubled,” says the CEO. There is general inflation that explains this, but it is particularly crazy regarding artists’ fees, some of which have doubled. We are fully aware of people’s expectations and do what is necessary to maintain a strong event.

“Although we still have a lot of big names to unveil, we can already tell that we will truly have something for everyone.”