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‘Very upset’: Teen finds iPhone plugged into plane toilet bowl

‘Very upset’: Teen finds iPhone plugged into plane toilet bowl

A family flying from North Carolina to Boston was left in shock when their 14-year-old daughter found an iPhone stuck in the toilet, which an employee had supposedly placed there to photograph her.

“This event has left our daughter — and our entire family — deeply shocked and upset,” the family said in a statement, according to the Independent on Tuesday.

On September 2, the family was on an American Airlines flight between Charlotte and Boston, when an employee informed the teen that she could use the bathroom in first class.

After using the toilet, she realized that the iPhone hidden behind the toilet bowl had been positioned to photograph her. She then allegedly took a photo on her own phone, before leaving the scene.

According to the family, the flight attendant had entered shortly before the girl – telling her not to worry about breaking the toilet seat – and returned to the toilet immediately afterwards.

When they arrived in Boston, the police would come to arrest the employee and the investigation would be transferred to the FBI, which would have jurisdiction because the incident would have occurred outdoors.

The airline would take this matter “very seriously,” the Independent reported, which in a press release would have indicated “full cooperation with law enforcement authorities in their investigations, as safety and security are our top priorities.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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