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Dogs farting, moaning and drooling on the plane: Couple demands a refund

Dogs farting, moaning and drooling on the plane: Couple demands a refund

Two Australian travelers returning home from Europe have demanded a refund for their premium ticket after spending their flight with both feet drooling over a service dog who kept farting.

“I heard this noise – a big snore. I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realized it was the same dog. […] “My husband was wearing shorts and the dog was drooling on his leg,” the Independent reported on Monday.

Weeks ago, the Wellington couple was about to leave Paris for a 13-hour flight to Singapore, when they realized they would be sharing their small space with an emotional assistance dog.

The British media continued, but because the carts were passing in the corridor, the dog was under his master’s feet, pushing his head under the Australian’s feet.

The Singapore Airlines flight attendants would have offered them a seat at the back of the plane, in the economy section, away from the premium seats they had paid for though.

But now the situation was going to get worse in full flight, when the hound started farting in the enclosed space, making the situation unbearable.

This time, flight attendants reportedly offered them seats at the front of the economy section previously used by the crew that were now free, suggesting that the inconvenience would be reported to the company.

After a week without news, the woman had filed a complaint with the company herself, before receiving vouchers worth $160 per person, an unacceptable amount according to the couple who “did not get the experience we paid for,” according to what the Independent said.

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For its part, the airline had apologized for this experience, explaining that passengers sitting next to the assistance dog are usually informed in advance in order to make changes if necessary.