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Rapper T.I. has been arrested in the Netherlands

Rapper T.I. has been arrested in the Netherlands

Rapper T.I. claims that he was arrested in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for failing to stop at a stop sign while on vacation with his wife in Europe.

The star, real name Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., shared photos detailing his side of the story on Instagram Live on Tuesday, August 3.

The rapper told his followers that he was riding bikes around town when people in a white truck started following him.

He didn’t realize they were police officers until it was too late.

On the social media platform, he said, “I wrote (in the car) the police in another language, so I was saying ‘OK, this must be the police.’ So I slowed down and I guess I didn’t stop fast enough… He (the policeman) pushed on my steering wheel. He looked at his mirror and knocked on the mirror from the police car and said, “Now you have been arrested…”

The rapper was asked to sit in the police car, “without handcuffing”, and was later released without charge.

Although a friend at T.I. referred to the incident as “bullshit,” his famous friend was unfazed by the incident. He philosophized “Everyone has a bad morning”.

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