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Nuance Success: "Live the Night" inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

Nuance Success: “Live the Night” inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

“Yes at 4 a.m. // Ch’t’encore on the way…” Nearly 40 years after its release, “Vivre dans la nuit,” a huge hit for the late group Nuance, will enter the Pantheon of Canadian composers and composers.

The song voiced by Sandra Dorion, which reached the top of the charts and ran for a long time in 1984, will be officially presented on August 10, during ICI Radio’s Late Night talk show. Canada Télé “Bonsoir bonoir”, hosted by Jean-Philippe Wauthier.

For the occasion, artists Fanny Bloom and Patsy Gallant will revisit the duo, while singer Sandra Dorion will take part in the show.

In addition to its popularity on the radio, “Living in the Night” was a sales success, with its single selling 86,000 copies. The hymn was also immortalized on the album of the same title which features the tracks “Libre” and “Sans being love”.

During its career, Nuance, a group of Outaouais, has won three Félix Awards at the ADISQ Gala, Discovery of the Year (1986), Best Selling 45 RPM (1987) and Francophone Group of the Year (1987). She was also nominated twice at the Juno Awards.

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