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Qantas à Rome

Qantas of Australia will land in Rome from June 2022

Qantas will open a route from Rome to Perth and Sydney in June 2022 (Photo: Qantas)

Not in Europe as seen in Paris or Frankfurt. The Qantas, an Australian company It finally chose Rome as its only place in the European Union. London is the city to be added to the existing service from Heathrow. The choice of the city of Rome is explained by the significant need for immigrants from Australia. Rome allows you to reduce flight time by one hour compared to other European airports.

The company is flying Parking from Rome to Sydney three times a week in Perth, Western Australia. This is the first non-stop service to Europe from Europe. KAndos will use the long-distance Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

According to Qantas, the flight will be very fast between Rome and Perth Reduce travel time to 3 hours Compared to existing options. The route will run parallel to the two daily flights operated by Qantas to London.

The new aircraft will only operate during the summer. I.e. until October 6th. In Rome, Travelers can access links to up to 16 destinations in Europe Powered by ITA. One can find it especially in Nice, Paris but also in places like Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, Munich or Madrid. As well as about fifteen Italian cities.

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