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The school apologizes after the Christmas meal was discounted

The school apologizes after the Christmas meal was discounted

In England, Staff shortages caused by infection and supply problems would be better
Christmas Staining Grammar School students.

The school reported Tuesday that students were able to taste two slices of white bread, a slice of ham, a slice of chicken, a slice of sausage rolled in bacon, a small pie and … an industrial dessert. Hafost. The menu that provoked the anger of the parents. “Thank you for the Christmas food provided to our children […], Which made them happy, ”said one father on Twitter, whose two daughters go to the company.

A buzz in the networks

Several publications with a photo of the dinner plate created a bad buzz for the school and aired on the web. At first, the deputy director of the establishment pointed out that he could not refund this meal for 3.5 pounds (about 4 euros), but he quickly corrected his position as he explained. Hafost.

In an email sent to the students’ parents the next day, the company apologized for providing “food that we did not like or expect”.

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