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“Everything is getting out of control”: Steam Day celebration in the four parts of Quebec thanks to Math Duff

“Everything is getting out of control”: Steam Day celebration in the four parts of Quebec thanks to Math Duff

What was supposed to be a simple comedy video took on national proportions on May 6, Quebec's “Steam” Day, an idea launched by comedian Math Duff on the same date last year. In the first “official” year, thousands of sausages were distributed throughout the province, resulting in a sausage shortage.

The person with more than 250,000 subscribers on Instagram launched the idea last year on this date to make May 6 National Hot Dog Day “because it looks like it's steamed.”

But he never expected so many Quebecers to join in his madness.

“It's all getting out of control. We've let ourselves get carried away with the madness!” Math Duff said excitedly in the morning.

“It's really bullshit that takes up too much space,” he said with a laugh.

On Monday, companies, numerous CEGEPs, stores, co-workers, canteens, artists, public figures and many subscribers of Mathieu Dufour joined the comedian's crazy idea.

Under the hashtag #Journéequébécoisedusteamé, we can see that many streamers gathered their employees around a good “steam” during the lunch hour and others launched advertising campaigns to ride the wave.

Photo courtesy of Mathieu Dufour

Busy day

This very busy day for Mathieu Dufour began at o'clock Hello good MorningWhere he unveiled the logo for this first edition.

On board the official truck of Quebec Steamé Day, then head to Moisson Rive-Sud in Boucherville. The comedian distributed hot dogs and provided 3,600 hot dogs to the community organization, a donation from Olymel of Quebec.

There, sausages were very popular. “It's five o'clock!” Laurent Lanthier, a big fan of steamed sausages, said with a laugh.

About 500 hot dogs were distributed in Montreal's Canadiens Square at the end of the day.

Maud Lareen Kiran – QMI Agency

Shortage of sausage

On the comedian's Instagram account, subscribers mentioned that they had to go to many grocery stores to find sausages or bread.

“People wrote to me: 'I went to four grocery stores trying to find bread and then I found sausage!'” he said.

Already ready for next year

Now that the first edition has been a success, Mathieu Dufour dreams of an even bigger second edition.

“It's the first year, it's just to establish the foundation of the tradition. We want people to eat it, we want people to talk about it, and then we'll see where it goes,” Mathieu Dufour said.

Maud Lareen Kiran – QMI Agency

The comedian hopes to be able to distribute the steamed sausages throughout Quebec during a future release.