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A big dose of love for the Cowboys Fringants singer in Festivent

A big dose of love for the Cowboys Fringants singer in Festivent

It was clear, in the current context, that this evening was going to be special. In the fight against cancer, Cowboys Fringants singer Carl Tremblay received a huge dose of love while transitioning from training to a Festivent event.

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The crowd was huge. Bigger than this 39e The edition that expired last night. The weather was nice, there was an atmosphere and the rain that everyone was afraid of obviously had other things to do.

In complete control, a hat on his head, a small beard, sunglasses, a black shirt and a purple striped tie, Karl Tremblay was so conspicuously fit, that he even called people on a Ferris wheel to applaud.

Jean-François Brau and the other members of Salbarbey conquered the public.

QMI’s photo by Marcel Tremblay

Jean-François Brau and the other members of Salbarbey conquered the public.

Hey Levis. You’re in luck in Quebec tonight. This is the funniest place with Sara Dufour, Salebarbes and Les Cowboys Fringants. He promised you before the whole thing started. All the same houses.

The singer never mentioned his illness. We were at the party and it was perfect like that.

after, after TS, Queenincluding some metrics stunnedfrom AC/DC, the crowd sang October By force. We can see at that moment a wide smile appearing, across the giant screens, on Carl Tremblay’s face.

Well done Levis. He said. And it was already like that before the attack straight ahead And the the demonstration.

And the audience did it again during So Beautiful on my shoulder. A great moment when the hair is lifted off the arms.

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This was followed by a fun moment when the singer left the stage for a “pissing” break, bringing in Jerome Dubra, Marie-Annick Lepin, Jean-François Bowes and guest musicians to do some improvisation.

“Send my darling, come back!” Marie-Annick launched Lépine, before returning for an awesome copy of America is crying.

Sarah Dufour, who launched the evening, came to join the Les Cowboys Maritime tradeafter a few notes Sunday, Bloody Sunday from U2.

good copy of Royal Pubwhich the band rarely plays, and shooting starsWith the lights of thousands of cell phones, put an end to this beautiful Sunday full of magic.

Sarah Dufour on stage last night in Levi's.

QMI’s photo by Marcel Tremblay

Sarah Dufour on stage last night in Levi’s.


On this final evening of celebration, we have prepared a special festive program with the presence of Sarah Dufour and Salibarbis.

A month and a few weeks after their trot on the plains, marking the National Day, the friendly Acadian group has once again proven to be firmly entrenching themselves in the music scene.

People know the parts and they interact. This was the case when Brine gin, beanswhere the violin lines of Éloi Painchaud and Georges Belliveau intersect, and Oh my God.

The set is solid on the board and illustrates it with excitement Bosco Stomp, where multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Binchod was blasting an electric guitar. Salebarbes is delivered in a very dynamic manner, with pleasure and self-confidence. it’s working.

Sarah Dufour

Full of energy, as always, Sarah Dufour put on a fiery show. It was the second visit for singer-songwriter Dolbeau-Mistassini, after the first in 2019.

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We were entitled to baseballto replay the show song Wattatoin which the character is played by Lawrence Bouchard, and the piano solo by Dave Chenell during semi-road.

During Shake ChoxWe heard some action kills in the name of From Rage Against the Machine, where Paul Théorêt released guitar tones similar to Tom Morello.