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Elliott Friedman is (particularly) interested in the Canadian Lottery's rank

Elliott Friedman is (particularly) interested in the Canadian Lottery's rank

That's it: the big day has arrived.

This evening the Canadian will find out at what rank he will have a draft opportunity next month with his first-round pick. I say CH, but that's the case for all teams with a pick in the top 16, of course.

Here, as a reminder, are the odds of seeing each team win the lottery.

(Credit: Tankathon)

The Canadian could finish anywhere in the top seven, except fourth. Being drafted third would be very surprising (Philadelphia would have to win the first lottery and CH win the second), but it's not impossible.

Don't hold your breath, though.

In order, the sixth, fifth, seventh, second, first and third picks are the scenarios the Canadian could consider in the MacLean Celebrini lottery. Because yes, the club that wins won't be racking their brains too much and will recruit the young man.

Kent Hughes will address the media after the draw which begins at 6:30pm and will be broadcast on TVA Sports.

Obviously you know as well as I do that Kent Hughes' work will begin as soon as the lottery is over. He will have a clearer idea of ​​what he can and cannot do.

If he wins, he will recruit Maclean Celebrini and simply speed up the reconstruction process. What if he gets second place? Ivan Demidov should be the club's choice.

Let's note that, contrary to what we thought, CH could win the lottery this season and next year. The rule is that a club cannot improve its fortunes more than twice in five years using the lottery.

But if CH is not in the top 2, it will be interesting to see what the CEO will do. The club is expected to draft the best forward available in its draft rank, regardless of when the Canadian enters the draft.

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But the fact remains that Elliotte Friedman is “interested in the Canadian lottery ranking” because he would be a great team to follow during the offseason.


Obviously we knew the club would be the club to watch this summer. However, for Friedman, a guy who has his antennas in the NHL, to tie a lottery pick to a club's season, astounds me.

Concretely, Sportsnet's informant wonders what the Canadian could do with a first-round pick.

Recall that at the end of the season, when Kent Hughes was asked about selecting a fullback with his first pick, the general manager instead said he would weigh his options to move his pick if the best available player on his team's roster was a fullback.

Is this what Elliot Friedman is referring to? Could the Montreal Canadiens really trade their first pick? The question must be asked.

Note, speaking of the draft and picks, that CH won't know this evening what rank the Jets will be selecting, which was taken against Sean Monahan.

At this moment, we know that the selection will not be between places 29 and 32 because these positions are reserved for the four teams that will make up the final four in the playoffs.

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Ranks 17 through 28 are for teams that lost in the first two rounds, and the overall NHL standings play a large role in teams being seeded for the first round.

The Rangers, Hurricanes and Stars finished ahead of Winnipeg overall: They will draft after the Jets, who lost in the first two rounds. It's the same principle for the Panthers and Canucks, the division champions.

Every one of the five clubs I just mentioned that loses in the second round will help the Jets' cause – and by extension CH. While the Rangers and Hurricanes face each other, the CH leaders can't afford to finish 28th: ​​it would be 27th at most.

In the worst case scenario, the Panthers, Canucks and Stars win their series and the Jets give the 27th pick to CH. Each of those three teams that loses their series would increase the pick given by the Jets, making the possibility of drafting 24th overall very possible.

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