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Prince Harry: This accessory allowed him to send a clear message to Charles III and William

Prince Harry: This accessory allowed him to send a clear message to Charles III and William

On May 8, 2024, Prince Harry attended a church service 10 years of Invictus games. The youngest son of King Charles III of England made the trip alone. Meghan Markle, wife of the Duke of Sussex, remained in Montecito, California.

Neither does Charles III nor does Prince William He came to attend the event Held at St Paul's Cathedral, London. Prince Harry II's father, Mark Dreyer, is still providing valuable support, even if no member of the royal family is making the trip.

Prince Harry: A clear message to his brother and arch enemy, and to King Charles III

It was Prince Harry, 39 years old Almost alone Considering the fact that no member of his family was present to support him at St. Paul's Cathedral. Moreover, it would not be possible for the Duke of Sussex to do so He meets with his fatherKing Charles III of England, as part of his brief 48-hour stay.

This recent visit to London would have allowed Prince Harry to do soSubtly send clear messages Regarding his father, King Charles III of England, and Prince William, “Beloved brother and arch enemy“, as he described in his book additional. Prince Harry's medals allowed him to say he wasn't Not the bad boy As described by his father and brother. In fact, Meghan Markle's husband wore his Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order to St Paul's Cathedral.

Prince Harry: What Charles III and William can't take away

KCVO star, or Knight Commander of the Victorian Royal Orderwhich was his Delivered in 2015 By his late grandmother, Elizabeth II, and not for nothing. Queen Elizabeth II presented this medal to Prince Harry.Services provided to the property“. According to Tom Quinn, wearingKCVO Star “It's a way for Meghan Markle's husband to say it.”Despite this, her grandmother appreciated her contribution His father and brother did not“.

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also : “Wearing the medal was also Harry's way of emphasizing that he is not the bad boy that his father and brother made him out to be.“, explained Tom Quinn. This can also be interpreted as a somewhat provocative way of telling Charles III and William “You took everything else from me, however You can't take this from me“.