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Brain tumor: Christian Begin has after-effects

Brain tumor: Christian Begin has after-effects

More than a year after undergoing surgery to treat a brain tumor, Christian Begin confided to Melanie Maynard that he is still suffering from the after-effects, even if he has resumed his duties normally for a while, especially in… Strange beginning And for There are people on the block.

The first guest of the season Salty sweetHe said that his voice has been “breaking” regularly since undergoing surgery for this dangerous procedure in March 2023. He even has to undergo exercises in the hope of a full recovery.

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“Since the operation, my voice has never fully returned. I am undergoing speech therapy.”

Who starred in the first two seasons of the daily Indefensible play ds Charbonneau, the narcissistic, perverted psychiatrist, knows that he now has to take care of himself a little.

“I have a lot [tenu] Granted, this machine has been there to follow me the whole time. I haven't always cared about it either, I'm a very over-the-top guy about a lot of things. Then I get the old tabroit! I am 61 years old. I have to stop: in my head 22. But it's okay to take that, the measure of that, and it's not a big deal what happened to me.

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The actor, presenter and businessman must learn to slow down, without giving up his enthusiasm. Introspectively, he assured Melanie Maynard that he was a diligent therapist, having consulted him for 13 consecutive years, with two sessions a week. He stopped the day he realized he was relying too much on his psychology to make decisions.

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Dream couple

Melanie Maynard repeatedly told her guest that she often “thinks” of him, as well as suggesting that they could be lovers.

Christian and Melanie “make out” with each other in the bathroom!

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“I tell myself we should have been a couple, the two of us. We didn't on the dateWe know we love each other, but we won't see if there are other things. We should go to the spa then we date?» The host asked, and Christian replied, “Don't ask for more than that.” Then take another sip of mimosa!

They ended up in the bathroom (in a bathrobe)… where Christian reminded Melanie that he was – in fact – in love with actress Marie-Eve Perron, with whom he played Indefensible.

Less arrogant than he was in his youth

Melanie Maynard, who has known Christian Begin for nearly 30 years, discussed with him the fact that the general public's perception of him had evolved in the right direction in recent years. Some had previously considered him arrogant, to which Christian Begin unashamedly acquiesced.

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“I had the arrogance of youth, which is often the disdain of youth, but I had it well. I didn't think I was 7Up level, as we used to say at home. So I lacked a lot of humility in the beginning. With this conviction that I know everything, and that I have nothing to learn from anyone. “At a certain point, you realize as you get older that if your words don't raise the level of the beginning or the discussion or the conversation, it's better to stay silent,” said the artist, who is under the impression that “everything is fine.” His place in his life.

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