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10 colleagues in a family business win the lottery

10 colleagues in a family business win the lottery

Ten teammates won a $1 million prize during the Lotto Max drawing on May 10.

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The winners are employees of Ogden Granite, a family business in Stansted, Estrie.

When his ticket was validated, one of the group members, Gordon Bronson, initially thought the entire group would split the $100,000.

However, the employee was quick to point out that it was each member of the group who won $100,000.

Lotto Quebec

Mr. Bronson then went to his workplace to announce the good news to his colleagues and family members with whom he works.

“He showed me the verification slip with the amount written on it, but I thought it was a joke. I didn't take it seriously!” says his daughter, Tamara Bronson.

Many awards have been won in Estrie in recent months.

A $7 million prize was won privately during the Grande Vie drawing in December, while $55 million was won in Lotto Max on October 31.

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