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TVA: We now know who will produce “Le Cheur” and “VLOG”

TVA: We now know who will produce “Le Cheur” and “VLOG”

We now know who will produce the shows Cheater And vlogThese are decisions that had been expected since last fall, when TVA Group announced the cessation of internal production.

It is Productions Déferlantes, a company in which Quebecor has a minority stake, that inherits the production of the game Cheater. Hosted by Guy Goodwin from the beginning – the daily newspaper has surpassed 2,000 episodes -, Cheater It continues to attract a large audience at the dawn of its fourteenth dayH season. every day, Cheater It is watched by an average of 904,000 viewers.

Guy Goodwin during the taping of the 2000 episode of “Cheater” last fall at TVA Studios.

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

Remember, Guy Goodwin confirmed this to the magazine 7 days That his other two TVA shows have been cancelled, that is. Beautiful tour Which he hosted for three consecutive summers as well Star magicWhich sometimes occupied five editions.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, we mentioned a “rigorous selection process” and praised Productions Déferlantes’ “innovative ideas” to explain the selection. It was also noted that the Benoit Clermont and Jean-Philippe Dion Fund aims to “renew the show and preserve its essence.”

Jean-Philippe Dionne recently told QMI that he wanted to win the tender because he was impatient to work with Guy Goodwin, a figure he admires and respects.

Productions Déferlantes produces most of its programs on behalf of TVA, which are very popular events e.g Masked singers, voice, True nature, Get me out of here!, star Academy And Salty sweet.

Blimp Télé will be in charge of production vlogWhich will be on its twentieth dayH season. Blimp Télé already collaborates with host Dominic Arpin and his company Libre comme l'air on his personal projects. Nearly 860,000 Quebecers watch on average vlog Weekly.

“I can never thank enough the TVA operations teams as well as the people at TVA Productions who have always been able to deliver work of extraordinary quality. They have demonstrated unfailing dedication year after year,” said TVA Productions General Manager Maggie Hachey.

“As new producers arrive, so do we [sûrs] She added that they will carry the torch with a desire to perpetuate the success of these two shows and that they will continue to provide Quebec viewers with television in their image and that meets their expectations.

And The goose that lays golden eggs?

Discussions are still ongoing with other potential partners regarding production of the game The goose that lays golden eggs.

TVA Group announced on November 2 that it had ceased in-house production via its subsidiary TVA Productions. The company then specified that it would lay off 547 employees and move elsewhere.

Four months after announcing the elimination of hundreds of jobs within the TVA Group, the union received severance pay for employees who lost their jobs and added journalists at regional stations. The agreement was accepted in principle by 95% on March 14.