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“Growing with Martha”: Martha Laverdiere gardens with your favorite stars

“Growing with Martha”: Martha Laverdiere gardens with your favorite stars

says Guy Goodwin in the first images from the new show Transplant with Marth That we all need a family doctor, but also a family gardener, and in this sense, he clearly chose Martha Laverdiere!

The inimitable Marthe will be at the helm of her own show starting June 10 on TVA.


farming with marth, As seen in the trailer unveiled on Wednesday, it will allow an authentic, colorful and lively horticulturalist to offer tips and advice to a crowd of guests, and thus to the general public.

The goal is to have fun and not spend a lot of money beautifying your outdoor spaces, whether on your balcony or in an urban or rural setting.

Martha will be getting her hands in the dirt in good mood with Melissa Bedard, Julie Belanger, Mona de Grenoble, Jean-Philippe Dion, Guy Goodwin, Charles Lafortune, Debbie Lynch-White, Jean-François Mercier, Pa Methot, Dave Morissette, Sophie Brigent, Nathalie Simard and Rosalie Vaillancourt.

The show is produced by Encore Télévision in association with Quebcor Content Transplant with Marth It will be broadcast starting June 10 on TVA, in addition to being available on VAT +.

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