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Michel Courtemanche is in love

Despite being discreet about his personal life, Michel Courtemanche recently told us that he was in a relationship.

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“My girlfriend hasn’t been in my life for a long time, but she’s very attentive to what I’m going through. She understands me and accepts me as I am. She’s really amazing.” However, the comedian prefers to silence the name of the chosen one from his heart, in order to preserve his privacy.

Moreover, for the first time in over 25 years, Michel Courtemanche returned to the stage last year to host a gala at ComediHa! in Quebec City. An experience he appreciates and repeats on August 13th. “I had so much fun hosting and co-creating this concert that I’ve decided to return to ComediHa! for a second year. This time around, my concert will revolve around two very specific themes that I can’t reveal yet. Plus, there will be several guest artists. I’m so glad that I get another chance to have fun on stage with friends.”

However, the artist, who is also a lecturer, director, author, actor and director, keeps the door shut at the idea of ​​getting back on the road with a one-man show. “Animating a gig isn’t like going on tour. Finding myself alone on stage doesn’t interest me. I’m also too close to my girlfriend and family to get away from. However, if one day I’m asked to participate with other comedians in a show they’ll stay in the same The place for a long time, this would be the kind of proposal that might interest me.

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