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Patrick Roy attacks an English-speaking journalist

Patrick Roy attacks an English-speaking journalist

Patrick Roy is a living legend of Quebec hockey with a well-deserved reputation for his passion and determination, both on the ice and on the bench…and in front of the microphone…

But what also sets him apart is his uncompromising candor, a quality that became unforgettably evident during an interview with an English-speaking journalist.

As he was preparing for tonight's crucial game against the Montreal Canadiens, a reporter approached him and asked him a question in English:

“Patrick, do you have a message for all the Quebec fans who are coming out tonight to cheer you on?”

Roy's response was scathing, imbued with his unwavering desire for victory:

“Sorry, but I'm here to win a hockey match. The people in Montreal know how much I love them. But today, I have nothing to say to them. I want to win a hockey match.”

This response, uncondescending and delivered with “royal” assertiveness, captures the essence of Patrick Roy. For him, the love of Quebec fans is unquestionable, but on the ice, only winning matters. His determination to achieve his goals trumps all other considerations.

It is this uncompromising attitude, this success-at-all-costs mentality, that has made Patrick Roy a sporting legend.

His harsh reaction was typical of the man himself: resolute, tough and single-minded focused on the ultimate goal – victory on the ice.

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A response to Roy, which still resonates at the Bell Center….

“Today isn't about me, it's about our team. Every game is an elimination game for us now.”

“We're going there to win a hockey game, we're not going there for the coach.”

That won't stop the Bell Center from applauding him this evening… like a king coming home…