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Olympic speed skating selections canceled

It was a long-track competition to bring together the country’s best skaters at the Intact Assurance Ice Center in Quebec between Christmas and New Years.

Speed ​​Skating Canada said in its press release that an outbreak among skaters led to the decision.

On December 20, we were informed of several positive COVID-19 test results among some of our community members who had recently trained in Quebec.

While it is not yet possible to determine the source of these cases, the news has prompted us as an organization to think more about the current state of the pandemic and our future competitions.

National short track team Recently held a training camp in Quebec.

The possibility of holding the event has also been in doubt since the government’s announcement last weekend. However, an agreement was reached between Quebec and Speed ​​Skating Canada to present the competitions behind closed doors.

Expectations disastrous However, it prompted the Federation to change its mind.

The bad news announced late on Monday evening will have major repercussions for the athletes, assures Robert Dubroy, general manager of the Vitesse Leather Federation.

We passed by a decision rollerExplain to the morning programme first hour. It was very difficult. The decision is based on the fact that there is growing concern.

« We made sure it wasn’t a relocation. Making the decision counts as canceling, so in principle, there will be no Olympic picks. »

Quote from Robert Dubreuil, General Manager of the Quebec Speed ​​Skating Federation

Punishment of athletes?

So athletes who haven’t achieved excellent results in recent months could face severe penalties, Mr Dubroy fears.

I imagine the choice [des patineurs qui vont représenter le Canada] It will be done on paper based on previous resultsDubreuil believes, but insists that in this regard, the final decision rests with Speed ​​Skating Canada.

However, Robert Dubreuil spoke with the athletes in Quebec shortly after the bad news. The disappointment was unanimous.

« For the sport what it is, there is always that uncertainty. It gives people a chance to express themselves [le jour de la compétition]. At the end of the day, it precludes any possibility for athletes who are training to be at their best when it comes to competition. For some athletes, this may be their last chance. »

Quote from Robert Dubreuil, General Manager of the Quebec Speed ​​Skating Federation

The last time the Olympic selections were held in Quebec was prior to the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics.

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